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Below are some useful resources related to Travel.

  • Booking.com: A popular website to book hotel and flight for travelers.
  • PrceLine.com: If you want to save money on hotels and travel, you should check out priceline.com for good deals for your next trip.
  • Expedia.com: a popular travel website where you can find good discounts on flights, hotels, car rental and more.
  • HipMunk.com: HipMunk.com is a comparison websites for travellers where you can find the best deals for your next travel by comparing prices from multiple resources.
  • HappyTravelers.org: HappyTravelers.org features helpful travel guides and destination guides for travelers.
  • CityUnwrapped.com: this is a website for travelers to get helpful tips and resources.
  • 24hChina.com: a website dedicated to provides travels guides and resources for people interested in traveling to China.
  • HongKongScape.com: a website where you can find resources and living guides for Hong Kong.
  • VPNs for China: travling to China? Don't forget to get a reliable VPN before you go.
  • ChinaNewsX: all thing related to China, including news, guides and resources.