5 Benefits of Using A Standing Desk For Work

Eventually, you get sick of your back hurting after a day of hard work at your desk. You sit there for nearly eight hours, hunched over a computer, trying to improve your posture but eventually giving in to your workload, which finds you hunched over again. Sure, you can take breaks, walk around, and go get lunch, but getting up and moving around this way—while breaking up your day—takes time away from your work.

Have you ever considered trying a standing desk? These innovative, new technologies allow you to burn calories while standing, walking or running, all while getting work done from your home or work office. Plus, you’ll save yourself from the constant slouching. 

The best kind of standing desk is one that is height-adjustable. This way you can tailor its height to yours, eliminating even more slouching and making it as comfortable as possible. If you do want to take it to a more intense level, consider a treadmill desk, which will allow you to get in a solid workout while getting paid for it on the clock. 

The benefits of a standing desk go far beyond fixing your posture (but spoiler alert, that’s one of them). Below is a breakdown of five key benefits you could see from trying a standing desk while working. 

1. Less Risk of Weight Gain & Obesity 

Standing instead of sitting can burn more calories, which could help you fight weight gain and obesity that could be caused by a sedentary lifestyle. You could burn up to 1,000 extra calories per work week by standing at your desk rather than sitting. According to the Mayo Clinic, research has linked sitting for extended hours a day with many health concerns, such as obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess waistline fat and unhealthy cholesterol levels. 

Until you potentially pull the trigger on a standing desk, try using a high countertop to get a sense of what it would be like. This can avoid you having to take a break every 30 minutes, and get you in the swing of standing all day. 

2. Reduced Your Back Pain 

Because you’ll be positioned more upright with a standing desk, your neck, shoulders, and lower back will thank you. No more leaning down into your computer screen while periodically getting up to stretch, wondering why your back hurts so much. Back pain is one of the most common complaints among people in the workplace. 

According to The National Library of Medicine, the CDC conducted a sitting-versus-standing desk study that revealed reduced upper back and neck pain by 54 percent after just four weeks of having a standing desk option. 

Having less pain in your daily work life will increase your mood and productivity more than you’ll expect, and your body will feel better after a hard day’s workload. If you’re in jobs that require your mind to work hard, you don’t want your body to be tired at the end of the day also. 

3. Increased Energy Levels 

Standing instead of sitting will have you feeling more energized than sinking into your chair all day. Sedentary activities, like sitting at your desk all day, are linked to not only higher levels of physical health risks but mental health risks as well. Depression and anxiety are good friends of sedentary lifestyles. 

Protect your mental and physical health by giving a standing desk a shot. Standing will reduce levels of discomfort and physical fatigue, which will in turn boost your energy levels and improve your productivity. You can also track your target heart rate to make sure throughout the day you are moving enough. This will also keep you from falling asleep at your desk (which we’ve all been guilty of, it’s okay.) 

4. Improved Confidence In Your Work 

Considering the above benefits, you’ll be: 

  • Burning more calories
  • More productive than before 
  • Feeling better both physically and mentally
  • Full of more energy than you had before 

With all these things in mind, you’ll likely feel more comfortable, and therefore more confident, in handling your everyday work tasks. It’s much easier not to accomplish anything if you feel sluggish, sore, tired, or unhealthy due to sitting all the time. The more confident you feel at work, the more you’ll be able to get done, which will leave you feeling fulfilled and rewarded on a Friday afternoon. 

Eliminate these concerns by considering a standing desk to flip your work habits upside down. 

5. Improved Life Expectancy Over Time 

According to Healthline, a review of 18 different studies concluded that those who sit most are at a 49 percent greater risk of dying prematurely than those who sit the least. Another study found that sitting for only three hours a day—compared to most workday shifts which demand sitting for more than double that time—could improve life expectancy by up to two years. 

Sedentary activities also are strongly associated with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other potentially deadly conditions. 

Other Options 

If a standing desk sounds too demanding to start off with, consider some of the following options: 

  1. Try using an exercise ball instead of a chair at work. This will do wonders for your abdominal muscles and allow you to burn more calories while still sitting comfortably at your workstation. 
  2. Try a bike desk. These machines are exactly what they sound like. Petal away while you sit and complete your work tasks. This can be a bit more intense but will allow you to burn a lot of calories and avoid feeling too sedentary during the workday. 
  3. Pair a standing mat with your standing desk. Standing all day, while good for your health, can hurt your feet. Using a mat to stand on will relieve this issue, and have you comfortable while you crank out a workday on your two feet. 
  4. Use a mobile standing desk. This way, you can work outside if you want to, or in the basement by the big TV; whatever you prefer. Working outside can help break up the day and help you feel not so isolated in your home office. 

No matter what actions you take to make your work life healthier, working a little harder by standing all day, or even using a bike or treadmill desk (visit Lifespan Fitness), will have a positive impact on your personal health and your work life.