The Four Apps That Can Aid Your Addiction Recovery

Battling addiction is one of the most monumental challenges anyone can face in life and any ways in which you can be helped should certainly be considered.

Of course, the first, and best step, is to seek out an alcohol or drug rehabilitation centre to get professional help and the tools you need to succeed in recovery. However, there are also some great apps currently on the market that can also be a companion to that, available to download for free and keep you on track.

The number of apps in the likes of the Apple App Store and Google Play is forever growing, so when it comes to seeking the advice you potentially need, it can be difficult to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide of the best free sobriety apps currently available in the app stores…

AA Speakers

For those suffering from alcohol addiction, AA Speakers is a great app available for both iOS and Android that collates hundreds of speakers from conventions and talk shows discussing battles with alcohol addiciton. It’s a great place to seek out inspiration, guidance, motivation and more.

Additionally you’ll also find a similar app available called NA Speakers, which offers the same for topics around narcotics.

Sober Grid

Support is always vital when it comes to the recovery phases of any addiction and Sober Grid is essentially a social media network for people in recovery. It’s a great way to connect with support networks and get the help needed during those difficult moments, as well as aiding and inspiring other people to stay on track and live the best life they can.

I Am Sober

I Am Sober is one of the most popular apps currently on the market and is really simple in what it offers, but the results can be instrumental in maintaining your sobriety. It’s essentially a sobriety counter that allows you to log how many days sober you are, while at the same time it will also calculate how much money you have saved by doing so.

Now, just think about what you can spend it on…

Recovery Box

Recovery Box is an app that is a bit of an amalgamation of all the tools mentioned above. It’s largely focused on the 12 step programme, but has a load of features such as a recovery calculator, live chat function, guides and so much more to enable you to get the support you need.