Got Ghosted? Here's Some Sage Advice from Dating Coach and Author Evan Marc Katz

With the online dating boom comes the rise of ghosting—ending a personal relationship by withdrawing from all communication without explanation. That's why dating coach and author Evan Marc Katz has some advice for women who got ghosted.

But before you take notes about what you should do after being ghosted, let us discuss first how ghosting happens.

What is Ghosting, and How Does It Happen?

You like each other and have a great connection, but suddenly, he just decided to leave without saying a word and left you hanging — that's how ghosting goes.

Ghosting typically happens when a person finds it hard to face conflict head-on. Some people find initiating a breakup talk can feel confrontational or awkward. So they end up just disappearing without notice.

And as the one being ghosted, you end up alone, thinking a thousand thoughts about what went wrong with the relationship. You are hoping you could have done something better, or maybe there could have been a different outcome.

Evan Marc Katz perfectly encapsulates the essence of ghosting as this: "I would rather avoid an uncomfortable exchange with you than be courteous."

What To Do After Getting Ghosted

As a dating coach, Evan Marc Katz listens to women’s dating problems and helps them achieve a successful love life.

Here are some of his dating advice for those who were ghosted:

Stop Thinking What is Wrong With You

Compared to men, women tend to be harsher on themselves. They always think, "What did I do wrong?" after being ghosted by their partners.

Dating coach Evan Marc Katz said that a certain cluelessness comes with men, allowing them to pass it off as the women's fault. But it doesn't matter whether you are at fault or not.

In reality, whatever the reason a guy has ghosted you is not your fault.

Remember that the wrong guy bails out when he wants to, leaving you wondering what you did wrong. So stop overthinking because the problem was with him and not you.

Keep in mind that nothing will derail your relationship if you are with the man who will be a worthy spouse.

With the right guy, communication is part of the relationship. If a reasonable discussion derails the relationship, it wasn't that strong and was certainly not meant to last.

No matter how much you liked him or how much potential he had doesn't matter. These are his true colors.

This guy who ghosted you is not ready for a committed relationship.

Stop Thinking of Getting Back with The One Who Ghosted You

Katz said that the person who handles things this way would continue to run things this way. The dating coach quoted Maya Angelou: "When someone shows you who they are, believe them."

The man who ghosted you showed you how he is. So don't take any chances. Don't yearn for him and attempt to figure out how to get him back.

Instead, you should unfriend him on social media, block his communications, and give yourself at least a week to mourn.

There are excellent, mature, relationship-oriented men out there, but you'll never meet one if you're waiting to attempt to patch things with the person who left you hanging.

Why waste your time giving getting back with someone with the wrong qualities? You didn't have a genuine relationship if a guy ended it by vanishing without even the pretense of a good discussion.

No matter how great the ghosting guy was, the fact is, he still ghosted you.

Find a Better Man

Ghosting is a callous, conflict-avoidant, insensitive method of breaking up that displays a lack of character and failure as a lover and communicator.

And while this may hurt, you must believe that you will eventually find lasting love.

It may be challenging to get back out there and trust again, but with enough time, you will bounce back and find a committed relationship.

You have to remember that the right man will not leave you hanging. The kind of man you should marry is someone who can make you feel safe and will never let you down.

How to Find a Lasting Relationship

Being ghosted is part of your journey to finding a happy relationship. Successful women understand that it is okay to commit dating mistakes. What matters most is getting back on your feet.

Boosting your confidence is the first step back into the dating scene. While this may initially scare you, you can find help from dating and relationship coaches.

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