Looking for an Indoor Cycling App? Check Out Vingo

Are you looking for a reliable Indoor cycling app that does not break your bank? Most apps in the market have very high monthly or annual subscription charges. At the same time, the number of attractive features in these apps are limited. The features are graded and not provided to all members. 

However, if you are looking for a cost effective and effective app that helps you in the fitness journey, then Vingo is one of the best apps that is available to everyone. If you start using this app, you will absolutely fall in love with it in a short while. The app provides a number of handy and nowhere else to be found features.

Best Features of Vingo

When you start using the app, it becomes easier to understand the usability and advantages of the app. Firstly, it provides an all encompassing experience that provides the best of everything to you. Whether you think about the visual cues and visual motivation or the social support and support system that you get for improving your indoor cycling, the app gives the best experience for you.

An All Encompassing Experience

Vingo uses an immersive visual experience in which you will be transported to a virtual world where you can exercise. For example you can start cycling on the least travelled roads of the world. You can experience the stunning visuals of a far off city. The app comes with a number of landscapes and maps to choose from. So, you can get the experience that you want. There is no need to be bothered about how you can travel to the place. With Vingo, you no longer need to travel to the place to cycle in the city of your dreams. 

In fact, you can also run or jog in these beautiful beaches, valleys and other challenging locations. One interesting map in the app is the rocky volcanic mountains of Iceland. 

These visual cues help in two ways. Firstly, these visuals make the otherwise mundane experience of cycling inside the rooms. So, you can truly enjoy cycling and exercising even if you do it inside your room everyday. Another more important feature is that the app comes with daily and weekly challenges. So, you will find it interesting and engaging to cycle a set kilometres every day or week. When you reach the set point, you can get advanced gadgets, cycles, outfits, etc. 

Leverage the Power of Social

In today’s connected world, everyone is connected with some other person. So, what sense does it make to cycle in isolation? That is why, at Vingo you can connect with your friends on social media through the app itself. 

Next time when you are thinking about online cycling, make sure that you remember Vingo. If you are creating a new user account today, you can get the app free for a year. So, stop wasting time by trying out other apps. Get the best app in the market. Get Vingo & get fit.