9 Physical Benefits of Doing Yoga

Doing yoga is a perfect form of self-care. If you’ve been meaning to dedicate more time to caring for and loving your body, then it’s time to consider yoga.

Please don’t be intimidated by yoga’s reputation. Visuals of instructors doing seemingly impossible stretches and poses can be overwhelming and easily discouraging if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to go into anything that he or she is not good at. You don’t need to be good at yoga immediately. You can take things one step at a time. Nothing big will be expected from you. If you’re ready to improve your physical well-being now, you should seriously start doing yoga. Allow the following physical benefits of doing yoga to convince you:

Benefit #1: Lessens chronic pain

People experiencing chronic pain practice yoga faithfully. Yoga allows for pain reduction because it easily connects the mind and the body. A fluid connection between the two allows the mind to fully regulate bodily sensations and reactions. Every single pain is felt and duly processed in a mindful and elevated way. As continuous practice lessens inflammation in the body and improves flexibility, experiencing any kind of pain is significantly reduced.

Benefit #2: Injury prevention

Yoga instructors and people who do yoga hardly experience any form of injury. This is because yoga allows them to be flexible and truly connected with their body. When the body is flexible, it is easy for it to avoid sprains, strains, and aches. A clear connection with the mind allows anyone to be fully present and in tune with the body. Such connection allows for easy injury prevention. Yoga poses allow for effective stretching that stimulates the muscles to work seamlessly and move gracefully.

Benefit #3: Improved Flexibility

Yoga poses improve people’s flexibility. This benefit is experienced immediately right after one’s first yoga session. One yoga session will make you feel renewed and amazed because you would get to connect with parts of your body that you didn’t even know existed. Yoga poses are catered to making a person feel fully one and united with his or her body. You’d be surprised at how flexible you’d become after only a few yoga sessions. You may even end up becoming a yoga instructor!

Benefit #4: Boosted athletic performance

Athletes love doing yoga because it allows them to be more flexible and fully connect with their bodies. Yoga practice can be easily integrated into any athlete’s daily routine as it can be done before and after every training. Yoga poses are effective pre-workout and cool-down stretches. Kevin Love, Torrey Smith, Aaron Rodgers, and LeBron James are only a few of the pro athletes who faithfully practice yoga. Doing yoga is simply the next best thing to do if you’re an athlete and you want to improve your performance.

Benefit #5: Improved vitality, energy, and respiration

Yoga practitioners breathe differently. They breathe in and out through the nose. This kind of breathing allows them to be more mindful, energetic, and healthy as it allows for the focused use of prana or energy. This kind of breathing is very calming and soothing. So much so that doing it continuously will allow your nervous system to feel easy and truly relaxed. Yoga will allow you to fully be aware of your prana or energy. Through this, you’d improve your overall health.

Benefit #6: Improved circulatory and cardio health

Yoga is perfect for your heart. Practicing it will allow you to lower your blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and blood cholesterol. Your heart rate will also improve. This is possible because yoga poses and breathing exercises will allow you to have a more solid oxygen circulation in your body. Such a state will allow your body to have nutrient-rich blood in every cell.  If you want to improve your cardio health and you’re looking for a yoga studio in Newcastle, you should check out Sculpt and Flow.

Benefit #7: Loss of excess weight

Yoga will allow you to remove excess weight from your body and effectively prevent weight gain. This is possible because doing yoga effectively burns huge amounts of calories. The more intense your yoga style is, the more calories you’d be burning. Yoga will also have your muscles toned so you’d always burn more calories in your every move. This is also the reason why you won’t ever have to worry about weight gain. Yoga is easily the best thing to practice if you’ve been struggling with maintaining a healthy weight.

Benefit #8: Balanced metabolism

Yoga breathing will allow you to have a boosted metabolism. This is because an improved oxygen intake in your body effectively warms it. Such warming increases your body’s ability to metabolize. You will then experience having speedy metabolism. Yoga postures also strengthen and stimulate endocrine organs that further help in enhancing one’s metabolism. Yoga poses also effectively remove toxins in the body that allow for seamless cleansing and smooth metabolizing.

Benefit #9: Muscle strength

You should practice yoga if you want to improve your muscle strength. Yoga improves your muscle strength through different yoga poses that activate different muscles that regular workouts and exercises can’t reach. As your muscles will be stronger, you'll feel stronger and healthier. You’d have more energy for all your activities. You’d be surprised at how you can now easily manage things that you used to find heavy and movements that you used to find straining.