Facing your Fear: 5 Healthy Tips on Coping With It

Do you often feel like fear is taking over your life? That it's hard to think or focus on anything else? If so, you're not alone.

Fear of rejection, public speaking, loneliness, and failure are just some of the most common fears. But it will vary on the people and their life experiences. So, each of us can have a unique fear.

While fear is an essential emotional response to a perceived threat, too much of it is still bad for your everyday life. It's a compelling emotion. Fear can be paralyzing, depressing, and manipulative. In addition to that, it can be tough to cope by yourself.

So, we've put together this list of healthy ways to cope with fear. These tips below will help you feel better fast!

Tips to Overcome Your Fear


1.    Take a Break

There's nothing good about running away from your fear because it will just keep coming back. You'll just get unexpectedly exposed to it sooner or later. But repeated exposure to your fear can cause serious problems, such as anxiety disorders, mild shock, and more. For this reason, it's important to take a break and calm down. Thus, get out, grab some tea, take a walk, or party. Do what relieves all your stress.


2.    Breathe Through Difficult Times

If you keep encountering stressful moments, it can be worse for your condition. But since these events can't be avoided at all times, you need to learn how to manage them. If you choose to panic, you won't be able to solve anything. So, whenever you are in tough situations, just breathe and believe that everything will be fine.

3.    Face Your Fear

It's healthy to relax from time to time. But you can't keep avoiding your fear because it will just keep chasing you. You'll only get exhausted trying to run away. So, you have to prepare yourself and face your fear. It's not gonna be easy, but it's possible, and there's always a way.

4.    Don't Try to Be Perfect

You cannot overcome your fear in just one try. It will depend on you and your situation. Some people even have to consult health experts, go to a fear center, get fear exposure therapy, and more. Therefore, be patient and not too hard on yourself. Take baby steps at first. As long as you keep trying and see even little progress, you'll be alright.

5.    Talk About Your Fear

It might seem nice to have a peaceful and private life. But certain things in life are hard to deal with alone. If you keep them all to yourself, the burden will torture you. They will prevent you from achieving a fulfilling life. Therefore, talk about it. Open up to a family member, close friend, or someone you trust. If you need it, don't be hesitant about approaching a professional that can help you deal with your fear. After that, it will feel a lot better.

Reasons Why You Should Act and Conquer Your Fear

Choosing to overcome your fear will take a lot of courage. It's not going to be simple. However, you have to for your sake. If you act now, you'll get to experience the following:

●     Feel Free

Fear, when it's too much, will control you. It will dictate how you should act. But if you show your fear that you're the boss, everything will be a lot better. You will no longer feel engaged. So, show that fear who's in control.

●     Achieve Your Goals

People who are manipulated by fears tend to have restricted decisions. So, they often miss the incredible opportunities that come in life. These chances to do something great rarely come. If your fear has been stopping you for a long time, you need to step up. Don't let it take so much more time away from you. Stop allowing it to prevent you from achieving what you can become.

●     Live Healthily

Fear might be helpful, and it's pretty normal to have a fight or flight response to it. Yet, stress from fear can badly affect the blood flow and can sometimes cause extreme medical conditions like a heart attack. If you experience too much of it in your daily life, it will be extremely unhealthy. For this reason, you need to take care of yourself and cope with what's stressing you out. 

●     Find Happiness

Last but not least, coping with your fear will help you enjoy life. If you choose to fight against your fear, you will be less likely to feel anxious about grabbing the opportunities that will make you happy. You can be your true self, do the things you like, and express how you really feel. Thus, act now and start your journey to finding your genuine happiness.